Friday, March 15, 2019

KoolKapes for Cool Kids

A couple of years ago, I introduced you to Koolway Sports - a company that designs and manufactures outerwear for people with disabilities, enabling them to achieve their maximum level of independence in all aspects of life. (You can see my previous posts HERE and HERE).

Brennen has outgrown his KoolKoat, which we enjoyed for several seasons and many winter adventures, and we have passed it on to a family who is now enjoying it with their own little boy.

This year, we are excited to try out the Koolway KoolKape! With a water-resistant outer shell and a warm layer of fleece inside, the KoolKape is practical, functional, and it looks really good! We struggle with dressing Brennen at times, so the ability to pull a cape on over his head in one smooth motion is a blessing. There are adjustable toggles on the sleeves to adjust for sleeve length and tightness, and a hood that can be removed or tucked under his headrest when not in use. 

We will be happy to put away our heavy coats and boots after what has seemed like an endless winter here in Newfoundand. Temperatures are finally beginning to rise above the deep freeze that we have been in, and +1 and +3 degrees is starting to feel a lot like spring! We were happy to see the sun yesterday, so Brennen and I took a leisurely walk around the grounds of Government House. The KoolKape is perfect for this type of weather, and Brennen was cozy and warm, and super comfy for our afternoon out and about.

Walking around yesterday with Brennen, enjoying the sunshine and blue skies, I felt reassured with every step that spring might be right around the corner. I think everyone just feels better when the weather is good, and I am all for feeling better! There is a sort of energy that is reborn in the city each spring, with people outside, parks and playgrounds full of kids and families. People seem happier when they are not rushing around with their heads down trying to block the cold sleet and wind from their eyes. I know I talk a lot about how we love spending time outside together as a family, I feel like a broken record, but my excitement is hard to contain at times when life feels good.. and yesterday was good! Hopefully this is the start of more beautiful spring-like weather!

Check out the KoolKape and other adaptive outerwear at Koolway Sports!

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