Monday, July 13, 2015

One Tough Mother

You guys! I've discovered another insanely awesome line of t-shirts through Instagram! (I told you, I'm addicted!)

Go Shout Love is an online company that sells inspirational apparel to raise money for families who have sick children. The company features a new child each month, and 60 percent of the profits from its t-shirt sales will be donated to that child's family.

"Go Shout Love is a social-good company that strives to do amazing things for amazing people. We raise awareness, funds, and create community through social media for families who have children battling rare illnesses. We feature a different family every month and we spend all month long celebrating that family and shouting love for them. We believe in the power of being loud and we hope you will join us in making some noise for these families. We raise funds through the sales of our inspirational, unique, and hip apparel that is designed every month in honor of our featured child. Over half of everything we earn goes straight to the families at the end of the month to help with medical costs and related expenses!"

I purchased this shirt in June, in honor of Kaiyanna, who is battling multiple rare genetic diseases. You can read her story HERE.

Special Needs Moms are the toughest of the tough, and no one can take that away from us!

Kaiyanna's Mom said it best: 
"Here's to all the mothers who are also a teacher, a nurse, a chef, a secretary, a businesswoman, an advocate, a lawyer, a storyteller, a rocket scientist, an encyclopedia, an explorer, a jungle gym, a stylist, a therapist, a physical therapist, a risk taker, a dream builder, a goal maker, a go-getter, a get back up and try again motivator, a best friend, and a hero- all within the span of one short day. 

Here's to the mamas who are loving their children with a love that could change the world. Here's to the mamas who grow with their little ones. Here's to the mamas who take the time to laugh at what life can deal out. Here's to the mamas who push themselves to the limits, and still continue to give, even when it seems impossible. Here's to the mamas who defy the odds."

I am proud to consider myself One Tough Mother, and I know that I am in good company.

Please watch this touching video about the creation of Go Shout Love. It is amazing to see the power of blogging and social media, and how it can bring people together for a common purpose: to inspire, to encourage and to build a supportive community. It's amazing what things can happen when we Go Shout Love!

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