Monday, July 3, 2017

Hunting for Gnome Homes

This year, the MUN Botanical Garden is celebrating its 40th birthday! To mark the occasion, there are 40 gnomes (and gnome homes) hidden throughout the garden. Apparently, they have been living in the park this whole time, but were too shy to come out!

Garden gnomes are funny things. There are many myths and stories about them, some saying that they have magical powers to heal people, or to be the guardians of underground treasure. They generally hide in the bushes in neighbourhood gardens, but have been known to take trips around the world and take selfies of themselves in all sorts of interesting places.

Andrew and I took Brennen out on a search for the gnome homes in the MUN Botanical Garden, and we found all 40!
Here are some of our favourites!

(This one was super sneaky!)

I can't believe the detail that went into some of them! There is even a gnome home floating in the pond!

We had so much fun searching the Garden for the little gnomes and their funky homes! You guys seriously need to do this! It's super fun for kids (and adults!), and the trails are wheelchair and stroller friendly. The gnomes will be sticking around all Summer, so get out there and find them!

 We love visiting the Botanical Garden here in St. John's. Our family has a season pass, because we like to visit often!
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