Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Brennen's Story

One of the greatest blessings of having a child with a disability, is meeting all of the amazing people within this community, most of whom share a common interest - to positively impact the lives of people with disabilities, and to celebrate those who work to improve the lives of others.

One of those amazing people is Gina Gill (Hartmann). Gina works with Epilepsy Newfoundland and Labrador, but also does some freelance work and writes inspirational stories for the Newfoundland Herald.

Last month, Gina asked if she could interview me about my family, my blog, and my work with children with special needs. I was more than happy to answer her questions!

This week, our story is featured in The Newfoundland Herald.

Be sure to pick up a copy, or you can read the article HERE!

Gina asked about Brennen's diagnosis, and how I felt upon first receiving it versus how I feel now. She asked about our child care program, and how that came to be, and she asked about my blog and how that got started. We had a great chat, and I think she did a kick-ass job with the article.

Thank you, Gina, for writing so kindly about my family. As a Mom yourself, I know that you know how strong the love for your child can be. Our hearts are tied to our children. We would move mountains, cross oceans, and give anything to make things better for them. We love. It's what Moms do.

"More than anything, I don't want people to look at our lives with pity or sadness. I want people to see how lucky we are. I feel like we really are the lucky ones. Our lives are filled with so much love and joy and Brennen has changed our world in the best way possible. We have a really good life, and it's because Brennen is who he is."

To read the complete article, click HERE!

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