Sunday, July 20, 2014


Last week, I received a letter in my Inbox from McMaster University that read:

"Please find attached a letter inviting you to be part of a new 'F-words' in Childhood Disability Research Team (a collaborative team composed of researchers and families) at CanChild Centre for Childhood Disability Research."

The letter stated, "I found your website 'Tiptoeing Through' a few weeks ago when I was doing a basic Google search to see how "The F-words in Childhood Disability" are being used and shared. Since then I have been reading your stories and blogs and have been inspired by your writing. It is my pleasure  to write you today to invite you to be part of a new 'F-words' in Childhood Disability Research Team. We hope this is something that will interest you!"

Darn right this is something that interests me!

This research team includes Dr. Peter Rosenbaum, Dr. Jan Willem Gorter, Dr. Mary Law, and Andrea Cross, a PhD Student at McMaster.

I saw Dr. Rosenbaum present at the CP in Motion conference which took place in Halifax back in May. I was very impressed by his presentation on "The F-words in Childhood Disability", and I appreciated his perspective on the importance of a family-centered approach to child development.
I wrote about that here -

I am honoured and excited to accept the invitation and to join this integrated research team! 

Our goal is to address the knowledge needs of families with children with disabilities and to support the uptake of the 'F-words' concepts in children's health care.
Dr. Rosenbaum discusses the 'F-words' in Childhood Disability in this video, produced by CanChild.

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