Friday, December 22, 2017

'twas the Week Before Christmas

These past few weeks leading up to Christmas have been super busy. I know, I know, everyone is busy. It's nuts. It's a crazy time of year, and we are caught up in the hustle and bustle just like everybody else, but we are loving it! It has been an exercise in coordination and a true test of our planning abilities, but Andrew and I have successfully managed to get all three children to multiple Christmas events, wrote and mailed letters to Santa, and had visits with friends and family, all while building a house and keeping up with our daily medical appointments and therapies.. even if most days we were frantically running out the door, dragging coats and bags behind us, hoping we didn't forget anything! 

Christmas will be different for us this year, for several reasons. We are staying with my parents right now, until our new house is ready, and while it is wonderful to be surrounded by family, we are also surrounded by boxes. So many boxes. Man, we have a lot of stuff. We don't know where all of our things are, but we have the necessities. We didn't unpack our Christmas decorations, but we found our stockings and our Christmas jammies. Mom and Dad have a beautiful big tree that we helped to decorate, and while it wasn't the same as hanging our own bulbs and garland, there is something nice about sharing this one big tree with our family. The tree is a real balsam fir, and it's ten feet tall, so it smells like you're in a forest, but it feels like you're in Rockefeller Centre!

Here are some photos of our Christmas so far!

We attended the Janeway Rehab Children's Christmas Party, where we were happy to kick off the holidays with some of our favourite friends!

We got out for our annual Christmas brunch at Mallard Cottage.

We Celebrated the Season with Sean McCann..

and attended another special Christmas celebration at the Janeway!

We are looking forward to Christmas Eve (seriously, it's the day after tomorrow!) - tucking our children into their cozy beds at Nanny and Poppy's house, and anticipating the arrival of Santa (because surely he will know where to find us!)

Christmas is a special time of year for us - because we make it special. Right now, neither of our youngest children understand the concept of Santa, or reindeer, or presents under the tree, but they do understand the love that surrounds them and the beauty that exists in being part of a loving family. Our children know that they are loved, and that they belong, and together we are creating lasting memories of a wonderful holiday season.

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

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