Saturday, November 18, 2017

Everyday Power

Have you guys been following the #EverydayPower campaign?! Each day this month, the Coalition of Persons with Disabilities Newfoundland and Labrador is sharing video and photo stories in their social media campaign, designed to raise awareness in our communities and challenge disability stereotypes. Along with photographs and collages, they will be releasing a dozen video stories throughout the campaign, each providing a short, poignant snapshot of a positive aspect of everyday life for persons with disabilities. In doing so, they’ll share their experiences, show their personal power and help build more inclusive communities.

This is Brennen's Everyday Power :

"Brennen has cerebral palsy. He is non-verbal, and uses a wheelchair for mobility. Despite his many challenges, he is a happy little boy who loves spending time outdoors. Brennen appreciates the simple things in life - the sound of moving water, the rich scent of pine trees, the changing colours of the leaves - and he teaches us to do the same"

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