Thursday, September 3, 2015

I'm Going Back to School, Too!

Changing the Face of Beauty is an organization whose purpose is to encourage companies, other organizations, and the media to include people of all abilities in their advertising. Founded by Katie Driscoll and Steve English, their goal was to show the world how beautiful all people are.

Katie is a mother of six children, including a young daughter who has Down syndrome. She found herself searching the 'Back to School' mail-outs, catalogs and online marketing campaigns looking for pictures of kids with physical disabilities who use a walker or a wheelchair, or kids with intellectual disabilities, like her daughter. She found none. Not one model in close to 50 ads included one child with a disability.  Not one. These children were just not represented. Katie thought, "I can’t figure out how kids like my own girl work 365 days to keep up with their peers yet they are still not valuable enough to be seen in advertising that is directly marketed at their peer groups."

Changing the Face of Beauty is making a difference. In just 3 short years, they have committed over 100 companies to include models with disabilities in their advertising. They helped put the first model with Down syndrome on the runway at New York Fashion Week, and they created 4 amazingly successful campaigns that reached around the world. 

In 2014, Katie created a viral "Back to School" photo shoot that reminded the advertising community that children of all abilities are returning to school. She casted her own models, and reached out to some top children's clothing lines. You can see the awesome results of her shoot HERE.

This year, one of the companies who has committed to include models with visible differences in their advertising is Livie & Luca.

Incorporating people with disabilities in children's advertising and representing all people will change the fashion industry (and the world) for the better and will spread an incredible message about acceptance.

Positive representation matters! 

13% of the children returning to school this year have a disability. 

My son, Brennen is one of them.

We are proud to support companies that have made a commitment to include individuals with visible differences in their 2015 advertising.

Here is Brennen, rocking his new Livie & Luca 'Sherlock' grey wool booties. Perfect for the Fall, and ready for school!

Come on, friends! Make sure your little student is seen this back to school season by posting a picture on social media and using the hash tags:
#changingthefaceofbeauty and #imgoingbacktoschooltoo


  1. Great post! Brennan looks sharp! Abby often says she wants to design clothes that fit right and look good for people in wheelchairs. I tell her go for it!

    1. YES! Absolutely, Abby! Go for it!! I would totally support that! Also, Abby has great style. She would rock it!

  2. We love this so so much! thank you! Brennan enjoy your awesome shoes! We hope you have the BEST year! OX Katie - Chairman of Changing the Face of Beauty