Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Mommy & Me

So, last Mother's Day, Andrew (and Brennen) surprised me with a gift certificate for a "Mommy & Me" photo session with one of our favourite photographers, Andrew Smith.

We waited a while for the weather to cooperate, but we finally got out a couple of weeks ago and took some photos! Andrew was adamant that it was to be just for Brennen and I, but of course I made him get in some photos too.

Having beautiful pictures of my family is very important to me. I think somehow, subconsciously, I think back to a time several years ago, when we first received our diagnosis: that Brennen has cerebral palsy. I remember so many feelings of grief and pain and absolute sadness. I had no idea what it meant to raise a child with special needs. I had very little hope for our future, and thought that I would never be happy again. I wish that someone could have shown me a photograph, a snapshot of what our life would be like a few years down the road - some snippet of proof that we would survive this thing.

The truth is, having a child like Brennen is not sad or unfortunate. He is a happy boy and we are a happy family. I am reminded of that every single day, but I do like to have some special moments captured in photographs!  Here are a few from our shoot with Andrew Smith.

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