Thursday, January 30, 2014

I Heart Hoop Class!

On Thursday evenings, I go to a Hoop Fitness class. Yep.. hula hooping.. for fitness! As Cindy likes to say, "Hoop Fitness is a total body workout disguised as fun!"

Cindy Butt is the brains and body behind FarOut Fitness. She has developed her own Hoop Fitness curriculum as a cardio and conditioning workout that allows for hoopers of different fitness levels to come together and hoop at their own pace.

Cindy offers a variety of fun ways to get fit and stay in shape. In addition to Hoop Fitness, she teaches Zumba and Kettlebell classes, and offers nutrition and wellness programs to keep you healthy! Cindy is motivational and inspiring. She believes in facing fears and taking action to make a difference.
Our Hoop Fit class has evolved over the years. We have added tricks, upped the ante, we've had guest-hosted workshops, incorporated Yoga and Salsa moves, but one thing has remained.. Cindy's high energy and the passion with which she teaches is a constant. 

We hoop outside..

We hoop in the dark..

We hoop with fire! (yes, I actually did this!)

I recently wrote an article for FarOut Fitness, which is now in their newsletter (the Hoopla!).
You can read it here - Love & Miracles

I'm so glad it's Thursday!!

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  1. I love you Julie B. You are the walking, the doing, the being of love that makes me want to shout out to everyone:"Look here! Look at this beautiful gal and her gorgeous son! Look at all the love they are spreading around. Let's all do it!"
    I admire you Julie B.
    -with hugs & love, Cindy