Sunday, February 2, 2014

You Can't Park There!

Those of us in the disabled community or who have family members with a disability know how important "blue" parking spaces are. We have all felt the frustration of seeing cars parked in them with no visible parking permit. We've been witness to a compact car pulling into the blue spot and the driver hurriedly running into a store because he "just had to pick up one thing!"

We've heard the excuses: "I just had to run in for a minute" or "I'm waiting for someone to come out". That's a good one. Using the accessible parking spaces as a place to sit and WAIT!  I have heard it all. The designated parking spaces are located nearest to the entrances of businesses, and they are coveted. However, for those who need them, they are there for a reason. They provide the accessibility and extra space required to safely unload equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, and other mobility devices, and to allow the user easiest (and safest) access to the entrance. Just because you couldn't find another parking spot, or you wanted to save time is not a reason to take up one of these spaces. 

BraunAbility is a company that manufactures a full line of mobility products, including wheelchair vans and lifts. They have recently launched a series of "parking tickets" that are to be slapped on vehicles that are parked in accessible parking spaces when they shouldn't be!

I think they are genius.. and was thrilled when they sent me some!!

I can't wait to use these babies! 

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