Sunday, February 16, 2014

Peggy Tremblett: artist

Peggy Tremblett is a local artist, and a new found friend of mine! She describes herself as a "visual artist / part-time graphic designer / full-time disaster." She lives in downtown St. John's with her cat named Alvy and her dreamy bearded husband. She is constantly making art, taking commissions, listening to good music and drinking tea.

I had seen some of Peggy's work a few years ago at an art show, and was re-introduced to her at the end of last year. I am captivated by the amount of thought and detail that she puts into her creations. I've never seen anything quite like her custom Russian Nesting Dolls. They are unique and so full of character!

I instantly fell in love with her one-of-a-kind art and wanted some for my home. I sent Peggy a few photos and told her some important details, and she transformed five blank wooden spheres into these epic pieces of art. I am totally in love with them! Every member of our family is beautifully represented, right down to the colour of our eyes, and the handles of Brennen's wheelchair.

I just LOVE my little family!!

I asked Peggy to answer a few questions, and I loved getting to know her more through her answers!

Julie: How do you describe your style of art?

Peggy: I'm not really sure how to describe my style, probably because I've never actually had to before. I suppose it's sort of lowbrow/folk art-ish. 

Julie: Did you have any sort of art training, or were you always a "doodler" and evolved your unique style over time?

Peggy: I have been making art since I was a child. It was something that always interested me. As soon as I could hold a crayon, I was drawing with it. I spent most of my younger years drawing things very realistic but as I grew older I discovered that I like photos to look real and art to look a little weird...a little unreal. In high school I took extra art classes and after high school, I studied Graphic Design, Photography and Textile Art. My style has changed ever so slightly. The first acrylic painting I did in ninth grade is eerily similar to the style I have today. I still paint the circle cheeks and the patterned hair. I think my art has definitely gotten cleaner and of course I've learned a lot of new techniques in the past 30 years so that has changed my way of painting.

Julie: Where do you draw inspiration for your artwork?

Peggy: When I am painting for myself and not doing a commissioned work, I tend to paint a lot of women. Women with double chins and bad self-esteem. Or women who long after men, who may not see the value in themselves. I suppose I find those sorts of things oddly beautiful. The ache of unrequited love or the pain of feeling small and ugly when the rest of the world seems so beautiful and consuming. I definitely find a lot of inspiration in that.

Julie: Do you have a favorite piece that you've done, or an illustration that has an especially good story behind it?

Peggy:  My favourite pieces that I've done may be a set I did for a mini show at the Eastern Edge gallery. It was a series of paintings that I did during a failing long distance relationship. The male figures were maps of California (where that particular ex lived) and the female figures were flatly painted women with sad eyes and the desire to run. I can't quite say why I liked them so much. Perhaps because they helped me make the decision to end that relationship, or well they helped me to see that there was no longer any benefit in staying in it. My favourite commissioned work was a giant painting of Gustav Klimts The Virgin with the girls painted in my style. It was so fun to do.

You can check out Peggy's work on her Facebook page:
You will also see her drawings in the local paper The Overcast. She is the official staff doodler.

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