Thursday, January 5, 2017

Let it Snow!

When it comes to backyard rinks, my parents pretty much have the best one ever. It's no contest. Forget artificially frozen indoor facilities, or hours spent tending to the ice on a homemade backyard rink. We let Mother Nature do her work for this one!

After a significant cold spell, when the ice is nice and thick and the lake is covered with snow, my Dad goes out with his snowblower and clears off a good sized area for skating.

We just love getting bundled up in our warmest layers and lacing up our skates for the first run of the season! We are anxiously looking forward to getting out to skate again sometime really soon, but the weather has been so funny here lately, it's not looking like the ice will be ready for another little while. (We had quite a bit of snow last week, but then a lot of rain, and today it is actually 7 degrees!)

In the meantime, here are some photos from a day of skating on the lake this time last year (January, 2016):

It was such a weird sky day, as you can see here!

Nothing beats skating with my Dad. I remember when we were young, he would take my sister and I by the arm and go so fast 
it felt like we were flying around the ice. He still does that.

Brennen's little friend, Claire came out for a skate and she loved pushing him around on his sled!

 Brennen was toasty warm in his winter coat from Koolway Sports
Thankfully, it still fits him this year, so we will be able to enjoy lots of outdoor adventures!

What a fabulous day on the ice! We can't wait to get out there again this year! Bring on the cold(er) temperatures!!

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