Saturday, January 28, 2017

Hanging in there...

A quick update to let you know where we are right now.

Brennen was admitted to the Janeway earlier this week for pain management and observation. He has been terribly uncomfortable the past few weeks because of the curve in his spine and how that affects his hips and really everything else. He hasn't been able to sit up at all, and has been going downhill quickly, to the point where he is no longer even comfortable lying down. We knew that he would be having surgery soon, but it looks like it will be even sooner than we thought - like in the next week or two. 

He is having spinal fusion surgery. Don't Google it. It's a doozie. They are doing all of the pre-op tests now and are keeping him comfortable with heavy pain meds. We are not sure if we will be here (in the hospital) until his surgery, or if we might be able to go home in between, but we are settling in for the long haul. 

Brennen had a good day today. The smiles have been few and far between lately, so we are hanging on to every glimmer we can get! Underneath all of the pain and discomfort and medicated drowsiness, my boy is there, just waiting to get back to his happy ol' self. And we are cheering him on, preparing ourselves for what's coming, and focusing on the good. We are scared, but we are digging deep to find the strength and courage that we know is there (sometimes I don't believe it's there, but I keep telling myself it is). Life is hard, and I am OK with it being hard when there are things that I can fix, but I find it hard to breathe when there are hard things that I cannot fix. Like now.

Thank you to everyone for the outpouring of love and support for my sweet little boy. Thank you for your calls and visits, your thoughts and emails. 
I appreciate every single one.

Please keep all the positive vibes coming our way. We will surely need them!

I will keep you posted as things progress...

-Julie xo

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