Monday, August 29, 2016

Go Fly a Kite!

On Sunday, Andrew and Brennen and I headed in to Bowring Park for the 4th Annual PAL Kite Festival!

The staff of Provincial Airlines invited the public to celebrate the wonder of flight with a fun-filled day of events including a kite flying contest, a kite decorating station, a BBQ hosted by Red Oak Catering, face painting, live entertainment, and lots more!

I texted Andrew on Friday and said, "I have plans for us for Sunday. Two words: Kite. Festival." He wrote back with, "By 'us', I hope you don't mean Brennen, because the very quality that creates a successful kite festival ruins his life. haha!"

He was sort of joking, but of course, he was right. Brennen hates the wind. I have written about this before (HERE) - about how we constantly have to change our plans because Brennen is not happy being out in the wind, how we can't just hang out in the park, or go to outdoor events like most people. Well, I was determined to attend the kite festival - for us to attend the kite festival, as a family - and so we did.

And it was AWESOME!

I haven't flown a kite in.. I don't know.. ever! We don't even own a kite, but thankfully there were some available to purchase at the park, and all proceeds from kite sales (and any other donations) went to the Children's Wish Foundation of Canada - Newfoundland and Labrador Chapter!

We are so happy to support the Children's Wish Foundation, and the incredible work that they do for so many deserving families. Recently, Children's Wish has broadened the range of eligible children to whom they grant wishes to include children with life-threatening illnesses and those with serious genetic and neurological diagnoses. By granting heartfelt wishes and creating unique and meaningful experiences, the Children's Wish Foundation greatly enhances the quality of life for these courageous children and their families.

It was such a fun day! Juno Award winning artists, The Swinging Belles performed their fun and upbeat swing music for the kids, and had everyone up dancing!

I just loved seeing all of the different kites up in the air, and how much enjoyment the little ones got out of watching them twist and twirl and then nose-dive back down to the ground. It was also surprising to me that so many 'grown-ups' are really into it!! We have some serious kite-flyers in this town! There were some pretty impressive stunt kites, and some that were on strings so long they went up so high you could barely see them. It was really cool, I have to say.

We are desperately clinging to these last few days of Summer. The long evenings, and perfectly warm temperatures. Brennen has been enjoying outings and sleepovers and lots of time spent with all of his favourite people. He has been so happy, so relaxed, and I just know that when school starts, we will be back to a tighter schedule with more demands placed on all of us. Not that that's all bad, but I do enjoy the freedom of not having the days already planned out for us. I'm sure that Brennen will be excited to see his teachers and his classmates. Brennen loves school. I would just like to hang on to Summer for a little bit longer. It feels like when Fall arrives, we will be trapped indoors once again, hiding from another long and cold Winter.

But that's it. Seasons change. Time goes by so fast, and I have come to terms with the fact that no matter how much I may beg and will it to stop, it won't. We can't slow it down, but we can hold on and enjoy the ride! Sometimes you need to just get out there. Take every opportunity to make moments. Make memories. Go fly a kite!


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