Sunday, March 1, 2015

Love Local: Ragmaw

Rich designs, compelling patterns, East Coast inspiration.

Megan Natasha is the artist and owner of Ragmaw. She grew up in Central Newfoundland and has lived in St. John's for over ten years. Much of Megan's childhood was spent with her grandparents; her grandmother teaching her to sew, and her grandfather teaching her about hammers and hardware in his workshop.

In 2013, Megan followed her life-long dream of creating unique handbags for a living when she opened Ragmaw, a studio-based handbag business. The word 'ragmaw' is actually an old Newfoundland term referring to a woman or child wearing tattered, torn clothes - a nod to creative resourcefulness.

Megan prints all of her fabrics with her own drawings and designs. She also does the pattern drafting, sewing, and leather work on each piece! You can meet Megan and purchase her work at her studio, located inside the Quidi Vidi Plantation.

The Quidi Vidi Village Plantation is an incredible new facility situated on a wharf in the heart of historic Quidi Vidi Village. “The Plantation will serve as a craft enterprise incubator for emerging artists wishing to pursue careers as professional craftspeople in Newfoundland and Labrador. Ideally situated in the fishing outport of Quidi Vidi Village within the city limits of St. John’s, the Plantation will also function as a destination for those wishing to explore a unique corner of one of the oldest cities in North America.”

The public are invited to watch and interact with the craftspeople as they create unique handcrafted items in a series of ten purpose-built studio spaces. There is a potter, a printmaker, jewelery maker, a textiles artist, and more. Each with a unique set of skills creating beautiful artwork in a stunningly picturesque environment. If you haven't been to the Plantation yet, I would absolutely recommend it. It is here that the past and present come together, and pave the way for something exciting and new!

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