Monday, January 5, 2015

Koala Crate: Safari

The Kiwi Crate company was founded on the vision of inspiring kids' creativity. Originally designed for children ages 4-8, they have recently added three new lines to their subscription family!

Koala Crate encourages play-based learning for kids between the ages of 3 and 4.
Tinker Crate encourages hands-on learning and experimentation in science and engineering for kids between 9 to 14+.
Doodle Crate builds confidence and creativity in kids between the ages of 9 to 16+.

The projects in Koala Crate include play-and-learn activities that are designed to engage the natural curiosity and creativity among young ones. While the recommended age range is 3-4, I felt that this kit would be the most developmentally appropriate for Brennen.

Each month’s Koala Crate includes all of the materials and inspiration for fun projects related to that month’s theme, as well as imagine! magazine, created in partnership with Highlights for Children.

I loved Highlights magazine as a kid - I remember searching for the 'Hidden Pictures' in every issue, and finding all of the funny things in the 'What's Wrong' photo on each back cover. It was the first magazine subscription I ever had in my name, and I will never forget the excitement of receiving that mail as a child. I loved it then, and I am so excited to get to experience it again now as a Mom!

Our first Koala Crate arrived, addressed to Brennen, just last week!

This month's theme was Safari, and the box contained all of the materials needed to make your own animal kingdom! This kit was super cute and a lot of fun to explore! It comes with the faces, bellies and bodies to make five different hand puppets: a lion, crocodile, giraffe, elephant and zebra. In the included Instructions & Inspiration for the Grownup Assistant, there are a number of ideas to extend the play, such as creating a puppet theater or stage and putting on a show for family and friends. They also ask questions, like "How do the bellies feel? How are they different from each other?"

The textures of the animal bellies provide a great tactile experience. Brennen loved the feel of the lion's fur and the elephant's leathery skin. The puppets are cute and whimsical, but also have a realistic aspect. I really love them and I think we will use them a lot.

In addition to the hand puppets, this kit also included animal matching cards. You can match each animal head with the right body, or mix up the heads and bodies to make silly animals. The matching cards are super thick and durable so they will last a long time. I just adore them.

Making things with Brennen is a way for us to enjoy quality time together. This Koala Crate provided a unique way to introduce colours and textures, shapes and patterns in an activity that is both educational and fun. I would totally recommend it for any child, regardless of age or level of ability. 

Visit to learn more about their monthly packages that encourage hands-on learning and fun!

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