Sunday, August 11, 2019

Can You Canoe

There isn't much that beats the feeling you have after spending a long day outside with your family. Though it often takes a lot of planning to get us all out of the house, it is almost always worth it. Today was a beautiful day and we had no prior commitments, so we decided to meet my sister and her kiddos over at our parents' house to take a spin around the lake. Brennen was so relaxed in the heat, and our little girlie preferred to stay in the shade, but we made it work and had the best day!

There were a few minor meltdowns, a little sunburn and a whole lot of back sweat, but there is nothing better than a full day of fresh air and sunshine with some of our favourite people.

Not a lot of words in this post, just a lot of photos capturing real moments from a really fun day!

Kisses from Nanny!

 Andrew pretending to throw the kids in the lake! 

 See what I mean? The best day. 
I hope you are all enjoying the summer!

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