Monday, April 22, 2019

Exploring Red Cliff with a TrailRider

Today was a bit of a funny day. It was a holiday for some, either because of Easter Monday or St. George's Day. It was also Earth Day and it was 14 degrees, so we knew we were going to spend the day outside. We borrowed a TrailRider from Easter Seals NL, and were excited to get out and explore!

The TrailRider is a single wheeled mobility transporter. The single wheel supports the rider's weight while the handles at the front and back allow two, three or four helpers to guide the rider along the terrain. It claims to "have taken people with disabilities to places they never thought possible", and they are not kidding. This thing is intense, and I actually think it could go just about anywhere.

Andrew and I were feeling adventurous this morning, so we decided to take Brennen up to the top of Red Cliff - a popular stop on the East Coast Trail with some fantastic views of the ocean.

We made it up to the top of the hill just as it started to rain, but we kept going, determined to let Brennen fully experience the incredible beauty of this place. Red Cliff is one of our favourite hiking spots, but I never imagined in a million years that we would ever get Brennen up there!

(Thanks to the lovely people on the trail who graciously took this picture for us!)

We stopped to check out some of the old buildings that were once part of an American air / radar station. At this now abandoned site, some of the original buildings are still standing, while others are almost completely in ruins. The graffiti is different every time we go there, and some of it is pretty impressive, actually!

While the old buildings are fun to explore, the real attraction up here is the view. I should note that while it looks like we are really close to the edge of the cliffs, we were sure to keep a safe distance.

Despite it being a rainy ol' day, we had a fabulous time. Brennen was super pleased with his off-road adventure, and we now know that he is able to join us on some of our favourite hiking trails! The TrailRider was super easy to use and Brennen had a blast! I am so grateful for opportunities like this to spend quality time with my favourite boy. I love seeing him so happy!

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