Tuesday, August 28, 2018

NL Rock Art

Over the summer, Andrew and the children and I have been enjoying some of the walking trails in and around town that we frequent regularly. On a recent visit to Voisey's Brook Park, we noticed some painted rocks hidden along the path. They made us smile, but when we looked a little closer, I saw that there was a message on the back: "NL Rock Art. Keep or Rehide". We ended up finding several beautifully painted rocks tucked in around the trail that day. We collected one or two and hid them in different locations in the park, and we choose this special strawberry rock to bring home.

When I looked up 'NL Rock Art', I was amazed to see that this is an actual thing that people do! The idea is to paint rocks and place them around the community for others to find and enjoy!

It is incredible to see some of the time and talent that goes into painting theses beautiful rocks! We found this one with the bunny while walking around Kent's Pond. I think the general thought is that you rehide them for others to find, unless you find one that you love or inspires you - then you keep. We are keeping this beautiful bunny, for now anyways!

I know it might not sound very exciting, but I got a surprising amount of thrill out of hunting for painted rocks this summer. Once I realized that they were hidden all over some of our favourite locations, we were eager to get out there and find more!

I loved the idea so much that we decided to paint some rocks of our own and hide them in special places around town. We hid a few in Bannerman Park, and still have a couple more to hide on our next adventure!

These rocks provided hours of entertainment, both from creating them and imagining where we were going to hide them. Is this happening in your community? Next time you are out for a walk on the trails or in a park in your neighbourhood, keep your eye out for some interesting looking rocks! They are so fun to find! (Maybe you will find our sweet little turtle or chick?!)

Check out NL Rock Art on Facebook to see where they might pop up next!

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