Sunday, February 4, 2018

You Must See This Play!

Earlier this year, I attended a stage reading of "Crippled", a play in development by playwright Paul David Power. (I wrote about that HERE.) It was such a powerful and emotional performance. I fell in love with the story and the characters and just knew that this play was going to be something special.

“Crippled” is about Paul’s experience living with a physical disability since birth as well as dealing with grief after the death of his partner. The piece is designed to show that a disability does not define a person’s overall identity - there are many facets to a person and physical difference is just one component. “Crippled” shows rather than tells the importance of diversity, understanding and acceptance. It is unlike any other work dealing with disability currently on our provincial theatre scene.

Paul has been developing "Crippled" for two years, and has been successful in securing a grant from the Canada Arts Council’s Cultivate Grant Program – dedicated to supporting deaf and disability arts in Canada.

This past August, a working version of "Crippled" was performed at the Fundy Fringe Festival in Saint John, NB. This presentation received 5 star reviews and went on to capture the award for Outstanding Production at the festival!

I am thrilled to now be on the production team for "Crippled". Watch this quick video, to see why this production means so much to me!

"Crippled" is premiering at the historic LSPU Hall (Resource Centre for the Arts) here in St. John's on Wednesday, February 7th, and running until Saturday, February 10th. Tickets are available now! Click HERE to purchase!

The incredible team at Power Productions is raising the bar when it comes to theatre accessibility in Newfoundland and Labrador. It is Paul's hope that “Crippled” will not only entertain, but also inspire discussion and action to expand the diversity of our local theatre scene for artists living with a disability. Historically, in our province, accessibility to events, including the arts, has always come as an afterthought. A priority of this production is to play a leadership role in demonstrating how a community event can be truly accessible.Crippled” will include such access supports as ASL interpreters, audio description, pre-show sensory set visits, and extra space beyond the norm for wheelchairs and other mobility aids.

ASL interpretation is available for the 8:00 pm shows on February 7th and 10th. Audio description is available for the show on February 9th at 8:00 pm, as well as February 10th at 2:00pm. This matinee is also a relaxed, pay what you can performance.

For more information about the accessibility accommodations for "Crippled", check out the Accessibility Guide that was developed in partnership with InclusionNL.

I truly believe this is a performance that everyone should see. Not only those in the disability community, or the LGBT community, or the arts community, or the whatever community. "Crippled" tackles hearty issues relevant to all of us as human beings. Paul tells his story through soulful and carefully selected words, hiding nothing and expressing his true creative self. In doing so, he removes all barriers, labels, and stigma, and generates meaningful conversation around the themes of inclusion, acceptance, prejudice, loss and mental well-being.

As you know, I am eager to support those who strive to make things better for people with disabilities, and even more so, I am happy to support people with disabilities who are striving to make things better for themselves, but Paul is not just a 'disabled actor and playwright'. He is a talented artist - a creative force who is passionate about his work and he has an incredible power to make people feel deeply.

I'll stand behind anyone who does that.

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