Sunday, May 21, 2017

That Time We Went Camping

It's the 24th of May weekend, and here in Newfoundland, that marks the unofficial start of Summer! We have come to learn not to get too excited about the weather just yet, as "Summer" typically doesn't show itself around here for another few weeks.

We woke up this morning to snow on the ground, and Andrew reminded me of the time we went camping on May 24th and it snowed on our tent. No joke. Here is a throwback to six years ago, when Andrew and I went camping for the May 24th long weekend!

We drove out to Terra Nova National Park, where we had a campsite reserved at Newman Sound Campground, right in the heart of the park. We had a hilariously small two-person tent that was the perfect size for us to cuddle up and keep warm in the single-digit temperatures. We weren't bothered by the cold, and we had a fabulous weekend!

We took some time to explore the surrounding area, including a visit to the old mill in Glovertown. This pulp and paper mill was built almost 100 years ago on the banks of the Terra Nova River, but was never completed. The concrete structure stands abandoned there now in the forest near Glovertown, untouched since the 1920's.

Andrew and I enjoy camping, but one night of 'roughing it' is enough for us, so we headed to a bed & breakfast for the second night! We stayed at Freshwater Inn in Gambo, and this was absolutely the highlight of our weekend. We hiked the trails nearby, had a campfire by the water, and had a beautiful night's sleep in our own cozy cabin. We've talked about that place so many times since, and we look forward to getting back there again someday soon!

Since this time, we have upgraded our tent but we have been camping closer to home (ie. last year, in my parents' backyard! - see HERE). This year, we are at home snuggling our babies and planning more of life's adventures. Wherever you spend your 24th of May weekend, I hope you are enjoying it to the fullest!

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