Saturday, October 1, 2016


This weekend, Andrew and I took a drive out to Fahey Farm in Chapel's Cove.

Fahey Farm was established in 1798, and is the oldest Century Farm in Newfoundland. The farm is owned by Linda and Bernard Lewis, and they work the farm together, taking care of the animals, growing crops of fruits and vegetables, and tending to all aspects of life on a farm. Bernard is the 6th generation to run his family's heritage farm.

The farm is home to sheep, llamas and angora goats that all provide material for Linda's work. Linda is a fibre craftsperson, and she creates one of a kind wools and garments under the name Baynoddy Knitwear, Spinning & Weaving. Linda shears the sheep, spins the wool, hand-dyes the fleece, and creates some beautiful knitwear that is available to purchase at the farm, or at the Craft Council of NL.

Baynoddy is so full of character and rich in history and charm. Linda's shop is generously stocked with such a array of treasures, I could have spent days just looking around. There are original designed sweaters, handwoven shawls and scarves, and hand-spun, hand-dyed yarns, all from fibre grown on the farm.

We had a great chat with Linda, and then spent some time exploring the property and visiting the animals. Bernard showed us around the greenhouses, where they have an incredible selection of vegetables and fruits in various stages of growth. Did you know we can grow kiwi here in Newfoundland?!! I had no idea!

The animals all looked so healthy and beautiful and well taken care of. I can just imagine the life that they have out here on such an incredible property. I think I could handle it. Andrew and I have agreed that we would seriously consider living on a farm one day. I mean, I know it would be a lot of work, but I'm pretty sure we would love it!

Watching Linda and Bernard work was so inspiring, and makes me feel thankful for the beautiful treasures that nature gives us. It was really something to see how they are so self-sufficient, and it reaffirms to me that you can be successful and happy doing what you truly love.
May we all be so fortunate!

-Julie xo

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