Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Little Illustrator

Jennifer Zetts is the artist behind The Little Illustrator.  I recently discovered her Etsy shop, and just melted with the sweetness of her original designs. Jennifer makes "cutesy quirky illustrations and cards" and she says, "I hope to put a smile on people's faces and bring a little happiness with each print that I do. I love life and take inspiration from everything in it." 

I had Jen do a custom illustration for Andrew and I (which I will post below), but there are so many in her collection that I just adore!

I am so happy to be able to feature Jen's work on my blog.  I initially intended for this to be a place to share some of my thoughts, feelings and things that inspire me, and I am absolutely inspired by this girl.  Not only is she a dedicated, hard-working mother of five, but she is also the mother of a very special little boy named Camden.  Jen writes about him here: 

"My most favorite print I have ever done is "You Are Our Perfect". It will always have a very special place in my heart. The print is inspired by my sweet Camden. Before I had Camden, I remember going to ultrasounds and my biggest concern was about whether the baby had ten fingers and toes. It was like if the baby had the correct fingers and toes that meant that the coast was clear. That everything was going to be ok. I know for a fact that I didn't once give a serious thought about genetic abnormalities, syndromes, feeding difficulties, hypotonia, etc. It's funny how mother's intuition works. Sometimes it's not until we look back that we as mothers realize how right we really were. How we weren't being crazy from lack of sleep or the emotions of the moment. That what we felt was more right than anyone could have ever imagined. When I held Camden in my arms for the very first time, the last thing I thought was how perfect he looked. I couldn't even physically see him because my eyes were so filled with tears. I knew something was wrong with Camden after holding him for all of 10 seconds. I just didn't know what. I remember unswaddling his arms and legs. Counting fingers and toes through blurry eyes, like that would somehow erase the sick feeling I felt and reassure me that everything was indeed alright. Doctors and nurses reassured me that "everything was perfect with my baby" and that "he couldn't be more perfect." Turns out, depending on your definition of perfect, Camden was born perfect. Camden was born with a chromosomal abnormality, a slew of other health issues, and was recently diagnosed with autism. He has had a rough road in his short life, but he is truly one of the most amazing people I know. Camden is exactly as he was meant to be. He truly is perfect, although I'm sure there are a dozen doctors that would be the first to say he is the furthest thing from. Who he is is who we fell in love with. His heart is amazing and I wouldn't wish for him to be any different than the little boy he is today. He is most definitely our perfect."

This is so beautiful, and so so true. Jen is an amazing Mom. She has a remarkable outlook on life, and possesses a wonderful talent.

Below is the piece she created for Andrew and I.

"How often do you find the right person?"

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